Smooth Move 16 BAGS
Description This herbal stimulant gives a nice warm massage from your esophagus to your stomach. Wherever it flows, it opens up tight knots and induces feelings of relaxation. It is a great option for your stomach as well. Laxative for...
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Turmeric Ginger Lemon Organic 24 BAG
Description The strong taste of turmeric is balanced by the sweet-sour taste of ginger and lemon. This medicinal tea utilizes 3 ingredients. Each of these has its own herbal properties which reflect quite visibly in whoever takes it on a...
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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Organic 24 BAG
Description Nobody can deny the health benefits of raspberries. The fruit itself is very juicy and flavorful. It has its own health effects but what has remained in the dark for a long time, is the health benefits imparted by...
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Milk Thistle Seed Organic 24 BAG
Description The prickly, glossy green leaves with beautiful purple flowers present an eye catchy sight but nobody knows the health benefits hidden in its seeds unless we harvest and process it and it reaches your table. From there it is...
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Marshmallow Leaf & Root Organic 24 BAG
Description Revitalize yourself with the natural concoction of leaf and root derived from Marshmallow. The herbs are carefully picked from the naturally growing green forests and brought back for cleaning. From there the organic mix is then ground to fine...
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Hibiscus Organic Twist 24 BAG
Description The tropical Hibiscus is collected from the hot and humid areas and brought to factories for processing. The processed fine particles are meticulously inserted into tea bags and packed for your consumption. Hibiscus obtained is 100% organic and free...
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Dandelion Root Raw Tea Organic 24 BAG
Description Cut down caffeine from your diet by buying our 100% organic Dandelion Root Raw Tea Bags. The tea is not roasted to preserve important enzymes. The tea is very rich in vitamins and essential minerals. Moreover, the taste is...
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Description The sugar controller herbal tea is the perfect replacement of your regular tea. If you are looking to enjoy the taste but do not want to add sugar; this is what you should order. Apart from its unique taste,...
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Blood Pressure Tea 20 BAG
Description This is the perfect herbal tea for those who have a chronic blood pressure problem. Whether you are suffering from high blood pressure or low blood pressure problem, this blend of natural ingredients cures both. It helps you maintain...
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