Organic Remedies for Acne

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Organic Remedies for Acne

So you’ve tried to all those fancy anti-acne products to get flawless skin but didn’t get desirable results?

Relax! You are not alone. It is the most common condition, and reportedly, 80% of people in the US come under its influence once in their entire life.

Remember that using various beauty products on your skin every other day can be damaging to your skin and smashing your bank account as well. More frighteningly, low-quality products can leave your skin dried, dehydrated, patchy, scaly, and wrinkled.

This is where home/organic remedies for acne can be your reliable companion. On one hand, organic remedies for acne scars yield results with no or fewer side effects. On the other hand, they do not put a strain on your wallet. Compelling, isn’t it?

This article is going to tell you the best remedies for acne. Get them below:

Let Aloe Vera Gel Work the Magic: 

The leaves of this tropical plant form a clear gel which is added to soaps, ointments, lotions, and creams. Its common use includes treating burns, rashes, abrasions as well as other conditions of the skin.

Being a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, Aloe vera is likely to decrease acne’s appearance and inhibit acne breakouts.

On top of that, the containment of sulfur and salicylic acid makes Aloe vera a powerful acne-fighter as per research.

In particular, people with dry skin can get full advantage of Aloe Vera since it works as an effective moisturizer due to being rich in water. 

What is the Right Way of Applying It?

  • To clean skin, directly apply fresh aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer.
  • Let it stay for ten minutes and then wash off. 
  • For best results, repeat this process 1–2 times daily.

Take Help From Tea Tree Oil:

The extraction of this essential oil takes place from the leaves of a small Australian-native tree named Melaleuca alternifolia.

Notably, tea tree oil has shown efficacy against fighting bacteria and reducing skin inflammation. Adding to it, using 5% of this oil to the affected area effectively causes acne reduction according to research.

What’s more, people having mild to moderate acne can take advantage of tea tree oil products for getting clear skin.

What is the Right Way of Applying It?

  • Combine nine parts water with 1 part tea tree oil.
  • Into the mixture, dip a cotton swab and then dab it to problematic regions.
  • Use a moisturizer as per desire.
  • For best results, repeat it 1–2 times daily.

Apply Cinnamon and Honey Mask:

Yet again, cinnamon and honey both are rich in antioxidants which are effective at acne-removal. Furthermore, both these ingredients are also capable of fighting bacteria and reducing inflammation, both of which are considered acne-trigger factors. 

So how about applying a face pack made with these two skin-friendly ingredients? Let’s try this.

How to Make the Mask?

For making this anti-acne mask, you will require the ingredients in the following amounts:

  • Two tablespoons Honey                    
  • One teaspoon Cinnamon   


  • To make a paste, combine both these ingredients well. 
  • Cleanse your face and then apply the paste all over it.
  • Let it stay for 10-15 minutes.
  • Wash it off and pat dry.

Give a Try to Green Tea:

Did you know that this weight-loss-friendly beverage can aid in giving you acne-free skin too?  

Well, it can do the trick when applying directly to the problematic area and this is because of the containment of impressive antioxidants in green tea.

These are the tannins and flavonoids in green tea that work to nip the evil in the bud, i.e., the removal of bacteria and inflammation reduction. Both of these conditions are amongst the leading causes of acne, in fact.

Moreover, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is green tea’s primary antioxidant, which is capable of reducing sebum formation and fighting inflammation. As well as that, it also helps in inhibiting acne growth in people having acne-prone skin. 

Over and above that, people with acne can apply a 2–3% extract of green tea for the reduction of pimples and sebum formation.

What is the Right Way of Applying It?

    • Allow steeping of green tea for around 4 minutes in boiling water.
    • Let it cool.
    • Dab this mixture to the skin by using a cotton swab.  
    • Let it dry, then rinse and pat dry.

 Some Other Useful Tips:

Apart from treating the affected area, making some lifestyle modifications is also beneficial for having and maintaining a spotless skin for longer such as:

    • Exfoliate your skin regularly
    • Stay hydrated
    • Cut back on refined carbs, for instance, white sugar, white bread, white rice.  
    • Limit consumption of milk and dairy products. 
    • Engage in regular physical activity, e.g., brisk walking, running, swimming, rope-skipping, or as desired.   
    • Bust stress. To serve this purpose, you can talk to a friend, do yoga, Zumba, have a pet, ensure adequate sleep, etc.  

Wrapping It Up:

Having a spotless skin is what we all dream of, don’t we? 

Unfortunately, acne attacks most of us in our lifetime due to varied reasons. Relying on conventional approaches for getting rid of this skin condition can cause certain side effects and can be wallet-hurting too.

On the flip side, you can also remedy acne with natural ways such as mentioned above. One approach may work for you but might not work for some other person. 

Thus, all you need is to give them a try for figuring out what works well for you.     

Believe it or not, these organic remedies that are light on your wallet and have no or negligible side effects are worth a try.  

Nonetheless, you need to check with your dermatologist if your condition is severe.