Benefits of Organic Deodorants

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Benefits of Organic Deodorants

The market these days is overflowing with a variety of skincare products targeting very specific consumer needs. Deodorants and antiperspirants are always in demand because no one likes damp, sweaty underarms especially during summer, who doesn't like smelling good? But did you know that these non-organic chemical loaded roll-ons and sprays can cause some serious health issues? Read on to find out the benefits of organic deodorant.

How Does a Regular Deodorant Work?

Sweating might be embarrassing or annoying, but it is a natural process with health benefits. Anything that goes against nature can be damaging in the long term. Sweating helps regulate our body temperature, plus it flushes out the toxins. Non-organic deodorants and antiperspirants work by either inhibiting the bacterial growth that causes the foul smell or they simply prevent the glands from sweating using aluminum, which is toxic and very harmful for health. Aluminum has been linked to causing breast cancer in addition to liver and kidney damage. 

Top Benefits of Organic Deodorant:

No doubt using natural organic products has more health and environmental benefits as compared to non-organic deodorants. Let us shuffle through our carefully compiled list to get you motivated for using organic deodorant.

  • Organic is Aluminium free:
  • A very commonly used chemical ingredient aluminum chlorohydrate is an antiperspirant which works by blocking the sweat glands; this, in turn, prevents sweating. The glands are unable to flush out all the harmful toxins leaving it all inside your body. Besides this, aluminum is also associated with serious health defects. When used for the long term, it can cause Alzheimer and Breast cancer. Organic deodorants, however, are free from all such chemicals hence safer to use.

  • Does Not Block the Sweat Glands:
  • Organic deodorants work by neutralizing or killing the odor-producing bacteria instead of blocking the sweat glands, which can lead to serious health issues. 

  • Organic Deodorants do not Have Synthetic Fragments:
  • Unlike non-organic deodorants, organic deodorants are not loaded with synthetic fragrances, stabilizers, and preservative. Most of which can cause an allergic reaction, which is the root cause of skin problems like eczema.

    Organic deodorants rely on natural aroma extracted from flowers and plants, most of these natural deodorants use essential oils for aroma, and their antibacterial properties help with inhibiting bacterial growth. 

  • It Balances Out Your Lymph Nodes:
  • Ingredients in organic deodorants help regulate your lymphatic system instead of blocking it. Lymph nodes are basically glands that help you fight infection. It is important for the lymphatic system not to be blocked and maintain a balance; otherwise, the entire toxin will start building up inside your body instead of flushing out. This can lead to serious complications such as cancer.

  • Reduced Liver Damage:
  • Since aluminum can be absorbed from the skin and enter the bloodstream, it can further damage an already deteriorating liver. Therefore doctors advise patients with liver damage to avoid these over the counter antiperspirants.  

    However, with organic deodorant, there are no such health risks. You can smell good without damaging your organs.

  • Environment-Friendly:
  • Bi-products of natural products are more easily disposed of than those loaded with chemicals, which will eventually pollute the environment they are dumped in.  Besides this, the chemicals take a very very long time to decompose, and some don’t decompose adding to the environmental waste forever. 

  • Can be Customized:
  • This so far is the best part about going all organic! There are so much variety and creativity and customization. You have literally endless possibilities and options to mix and match and choose from. Choose the ingredients best suited for your skin type and get it steered up with the aroma of your choice; this can’t get any better. 

    1. Additional Health Benefits:

    Organic deodorants do not contain any chemicals that can be a health hazard like Parabens, Triclosan, Aluminum, TEA, etc.  Organic deodorants use Baking soda, Alum and Arrowroot to mask the sweaty odor, while essential oils like tea tree and peppermint have antiseptic properties which act as a cherry on top. 

  • Organic is Equally Effective as Conventional Deodorants:
  • Yes, you read it right. Organic deodorants, with all-natural ingredients and health benefits, are just as effective as conventional deodorants. 

  • Organic Does not Cause a Hormonal Imbalance:
  • Natural deodorants do not contain paraben which has been associated with causing hormonal imbalance and damage reproductive system. 

  • Helps Detoxify by Opening Your Skin Pores:
  • Organic deodorants open up your skin pores instead of clogging them; this helps your body to detoxify and get rid of all the harmful elements by the natural process of sweating. 

    Ingredients Used in Organic Deodorants:

    • Coconut oil
    • Shea butter
    • Baking soda
    • Essential oils
    • Alum
    • Arrowroot 
    • Cornstarch
    • Kaolin Clay
    • Organic Hops

    How to Switch from Conventional Deodorants to Organic?

    Honestly speaking, switching to organic deodorants from regular non-organic conventional deodorants can be stinky! It is all trial and error. Like any other skincare product, you'll have to dig into the list of ingredients that suit you best and the try out a few organic products to find the one best suited for your individual armpit needs. Alternatively, you could make one yourself! Yes, DIY organic deodorants are just as effective.

    • You'll have to stop using non-organic deodorant for a few days so that your skin retains its natural balance.
    • It will get stinky and sweaty as the pores unclog and detoxify. 
    • After that, you are good to use your all-natural organic deodorant.
    • Be sure to do a patch test before using it as some people might find baking soda to be a bit too harsh for their sensitive skin. 

    You surely won't switch back to conventional deodorants once you've found the perfect organic deodorant that suits you. The initial process of trial and error while finding the right one might seem a bit hectic and tiring, but it is so worth it because nothing is more important than your health. Anything that is harmful to your health should not be on your shopping list, be it food or skincare.