Benefits of Black Lava Salt

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Benefits of Black Lava Salt

Over some time, salt has been successfully used in numerous home remedies and herbal treatments for a wide array of health issues besides adding flavor to your food.  There are many types of salts available in the market, each with a distinct taste plus a different set of properties and uses. Black lava salt was originally said to come from Hawaiian lava. However, now a day’s black lava salt is sea salt with activated charcoal.  We will be discussing numerous benefits of black lava salt in this article. 

What is Black Lava Salt?

Black lava salt is composed of sodium chloride, sodium bisulfate, sodium sulfate, hydrogen sulfide, and iron sulfide. Black lava salt is also known as Hawaiian salt. This salt is popular around the world, not only for its flavor but also due to its medicinal properties. Black lava salt has a very strong and unique flavor. The charcoal in salt gives the food an added Smokey flavor. The salt gives a very light charcoal aroma. 

Benefits of Black Lava Salt:

Besides being used is culinary arts, black lava salt has many health, hair, and skin benefits. It is the main component and holds a strong position in Ayurvedic medicine. Although black lava salt might be sold under the name Hawaiian salt, it is not necessarily from Hawaii. 

  • Used as a Sea Salt Alternative:
  • Too much consumption of table salt can lead to health issues like hypertension. Black lava salt is a good alternative to the regular sea salt, which is iodized. 

  • Best for Constipation:
  • Black lava salt has been used for ages to cure constipation and related issues. Just add a dash of black salt to your meal for a healthy digestive system.

  • Remove Toxins:
  • The activated charcoal in black salt is effective in removing toxins from your body. Activated charcoal holds detoxifying properties which cleanse your body.

  • Adds Flavour to the Food:
  • Black lava salt adds flavor to the food without the added health hazards associated with regular salt.  

  • Joint and Muscular Pain Relief:
  • Use black salt instead of a heating pad and experience your joint and muscular pain magically fading away. Pour in black lava salt in a cotton fabric pouch. Lightly heat it (be careful not to burn the salt) and place it on the sore area of your body. Repeat a few times. 

  • Helps Reduce Weight:
  • Thousands of herbal remedies use black salt as the main ingredient in their weight reduction concoction. It is an essential element in Ayurvedic weight reduction remedies as well. 

  • Treats Respiratory Issues:
  • Having a tough time with seasonal flu and allergies? Get your nose cleared and sore throat treated by using black lava salt. Add a few pinches of salt to Luke warm water and gargle two to three times a day for a few days.  Boil water with black lava salt added to it. Turn off the heat and inhale the vapors; this helps with seasonal allergies and flu. 

  • Enhanced Mental Clarity:
  • A sodium deficiency in your blood can lead to mental fog and confusion. Therefore a healthy level of sodium intake is important to maintain and enhance mental clarity. 

  • Helps with Bloating and Other Intestinal Problems:
  • Black salt helps treat gastric troubles. Lightly dry roast black salt with fennel seeds on low flame. Take a pinch every 4 hours with a glass of water to get rid of bloating.

  • Natural Laxative:
  • A concoction of black lava salt, ginger and lemon are used as an Ayurvedic remedy, it is a natural laxative. 

  • Gets Rid of Heart Burn:
  • The black lava salt is alkaline in nature. This is perfect to balance the acid produced in your stomach hence reducing heartburn. The minerals present in this salt are just the right fit to reduce acidity.

    Good for Oral Hygiene:

    Dentists recommend using saltwater to reduce inflammation of gums, fight bacteria in the mouth, and treat mouth sores, infection or wounds in mouth.

  • Stabilize Cholesterol Level:
  • Black lava salt can help stabilize your fluctuating level of cholesterol by thinning the blood. This helps in easy circulation of blood in the body, thus maintaining your blood pressure.

  • Osteoporosis Prevention:
  • Your bones tend to store almost 1/4th of total salt present in the body. Hence salt, besides calcium is also very important for strengthening your bones. A disorder in which sodium is taken away from your bones (making your bones week) is osteoporosis. This disorder can be avoided by taking a pinch of salt with enough water daily. 

  • Relieves Cramps:
  • An electrolyte imbalance can lead to muscle cramps. Sodium intake can maintain a healthy, electrolyte balance.

  • Helps Maintain Sleep Cycle:
  • Black lava salt preserves serotonin and melatonin; these two hormones are important to regulate a healthy sleep cycle. 

  • Used for Deep Cleansing:
  • Black lava salt is an excellent cleanser for skin. It deep cleanses the skin; the activated charcoal removes impurities and toxins from your pores. This helps reduce acne and leaves your skin rejuvenated. 

  • Prevents Hair Fall:
  • Receding hairline is a common issue faced by both men and women of this era. Hair fall seems to be getting worse due to stress and pollution in the surroundings. Try using black lava salt instead of medications which is sure to have side effects. Not only will black lava salt boost your hair growth but also add to the volume and reduce split ends. You will also notice healthy shine and luster in your hair after using it regularly. 

  • Cures and Prevents Dandruff:
  • Dandruff and itchy scalp can be very embarrassing. It can also lead to serious issues like hair fall and scalp conditions. Apply a mixture of black lava salt and tomato juice to your scalp on alternate days. This will help clear dandruff and treat itchy scalp too. 

  • Natural Foot Scrub:
  • Due to its grainy texture, black lava salt is an excellent exfoliator. It soothes sore feet, deep cleanses and exfoliates dead skin from feet. Dip your feet in water mixed with black lava salt to release all the stress.

    Wrap up:

    Why waste your hard-earned money on expensive skincare products and off the counter medication for issues like bloating, oral hygiene, and hair care when you have an inexpensive alternative such as black lava salt? It is natural, easily available, and has no side effects when used in moderation.