10 Benefits of Essential oil that you must know

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10 Benefits of Essential oil that you must know

What is essential oil? What are the benefits of essential oil? How can essential oil make your life better? These questions must be confusing you, but don't worry.  After having a look at the benefits, you will surely add these oils in your life.

What are Essential oils?
Essential oil is nothing else but a plant extract. The oil carries all the aroma and smell of a plant — various extraction methods are used for obtaining essential oils from plants. These oils are 100% natural, so there are no side effects or reactions. You can use the oil gently for different purposes as it is much more potent than herbs. You can either apply it on the skin or inhale it depending on your problem.

Benefits of Essential oil
Essential oils are present in a vast variety, and each oil has its own health benefit. Different health problems can be cured by using oils. So, most common issues that can easily be fixed with oils are mentioned here. Have a look at some of the benefits of essential oil or aromatherapy and start applying them in your life.

1. Fight infections and improves immunity
Various essential oils are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-fungal. These properties make these oils best for boosting the immune system and fight back against multiple diseases. All the pathogens threatening your health are eliminated through the chemicals present in the oil. Peppermint, ginger, oregano, and lemon are the most effective essential oils for immunity. Even studies reveal that the benefits of essential oils for killing bacteria and virus cannot be denied.

2. Reduces anxiety and depression

In this fast-moving world, depression and anxiety are getting rooted deeply. Almost 43% of the total population is going through stress, and they use various therapies for relieving themselves. But essential oil proves beneficial in this regard. Studies reveal that the aroma and smell of oil can treat stress quickly. Even if you start using these oils during massage, it also releases anxiety.

3. Support digestion

Among all the benefits of essential oil, digestion is most remarkable. Essential oil helps in improving digestion and stomach functionality. All the stomach related diseases like diarrhea, upset stomach, and indigestion can be cured with oils.
Ginger essential oil is a wonderful medicine for ulcer and constipation. Digestive health becomes better every day if stomach patients start taking essential oils. Even oils of black pepper, lemongrass and fennel are also useful for digestion.

4. Relaxing and improves sleep
Essential oil directly effects on mood and reduce stress. Smelling oil can indicate positive signals in your brain and cut down all the negative thoughts. The negative emotions causing depression are all cured by inhaling or having a hot bath of essential oil.

Lavender is the best oil for improving sleep quality. You can sleep well and more due to the effects of oils — it is a major benefit of using this essential oil.
Bergamot is also an anti-depressant, which reduces the heart rate and blood pressure of a person. Your stress moments become calm with just a smell.

5. Skin Healer
Various skin irritations are caused by bacteria. As essential oils are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it can quickly heal skin problems. When you directly apply oil on your skin, this oil gets observed immediately and heals your skin down the layers. Pimples and blemishes are no more an issue with tea tree essential oil. It kills all the bacteria causing acne and produces clean skin. Oil has its own functionality for the skin like healing sunburn and insect bites.

6. Safer replacement of candles
Essential oils are not only good for the health rather best for making your home aromatic. Candles are not a safe option when you have kids. But using essential oil in oil diffuser can turn your home into a beautiful aromatic paradise.

7. Improve brain functionality
People suffering from brain issues take a lot of medicines and pills to work well. They can get rid of pills and go for a better option of essential oils. Essential oils are filled with powerful anti-oxidants which naturally improve the function of the brain. Even it also helps in improving learning, focus, and memory. You can sustain your attention towards studies or work for a more extended period. Lavender oil can help you learn more things in a short time.

8. Reduce Pain
Aromatherapy is not conventional therapy; there are a lot of positive benefits of essential oils. The oil will help you cope with all types of pains and aches. Neck pains can also be easily treated by using any essential oil. Lavender, black pepper and marjoram oil work well for aches. Taking a bath in oil can improve sensitive areas of pains.

9. Reduce toxic materials from your body
Detoxification matters a lot for a healthy body. Nowadays, people inhale air filled with various chemicals and harmful toxic substances which cause severe health disorders. Essential oil is useful for detoxifying your body and eliminating the harmful toxins. Some essential oils that work best for detoxification include lemon, fennel, peppermint, grapefruit, and ginger. These oils flush the toxins and give you a healthy body.

10. Reduces age spots and give fragrance
Age spots can be relatively decreased easily with the help of essential oils. Using specific oil can not only soften the skin but also give you a brighter look for years. Various oils are used in lotions for moisturizing your body too. Even body sprays contain essential oils for giving out fragrance. Even bad breath can be treated with oils. Washing your mouth once a day with some oil can give fresh mouth throughout the day.

These are the natural benefits of essential oils that can improve various aspects of your life. Essential oil is the best possible way of treating and healing various disorders in a 100% natural and pure way. Aromatherapy is not new in town; people have been using this for centuries. If you want to take advantage of these benefits, start using essential oil.